Only the best cars

Merсedes Sprinter (White) 20 seats

Mercedes Viano (Black) 7 seats

Mercedes Viano (White) 7 seats

Mercedes W221 S Long (Black)

Mercedes Viano (Blue) 7-9 seats

Merсedes Sprinter (Black) 19 seats

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About us

We greet you! It's easy to be mobile today. All the time, to be in several places almost simultaneously, it is easy due to the availability of transport.

Rent Classic Bus is an inexpensive rental of minibuses in Minsk with or without a driver. Also you can rent a minibus for a wedding, for excursions, transportation of children and other needs. We provide minibuses for rent for a day, a week, a month inexpensively!

Transport company Rent Classic Bus offers you high-quality transport service with the help of the developed network of our modern fleet that gives you an opportunity to stand out among the surrounding elite transport. We offer a bright and in-demand range of services.


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